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5 Best Brands for Fashion Jewelry

    5 Best Brands for Fashion Jewelry

    When the protagonist in the rom-com “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” says “frost yourself,” I’m sure all ladies felt that! They’re excellent words of encouragement; after all, you needn’t wait for your significant other to dress in jewels. What makes it all the better is that there have never been more labels offering fashionable, fun jewelry at affordable prices. Thanks to the affordable best brand fashion jewelry options, both men’s and women’s, you can treat yourself to something gorgeous any time, occasion or not. That’s why jewelry feels like that final touch, whether it’s dainty drop earrings or a statement choker necklace; they add that dash of dazzle to an otherwise drab look. And while everyone has different tastes in jewelry, one thing we can all agree on is that jewelry is the key to completing any ensemble.

    If you’re in the market for a shiny new bauble or trinket, then sifting through all the current fashion jewelry brands is nothing short of daunting. So, we’ve done the legwork and rounded up the need-to-know jewelry brands that both men and women will love. To that end, here are the 5 best brands of fashion jewelry.


    Mejuri is one of the best brand options for women’s jewelry, especially fashion jewelry. The brand is most loved for its low-key aesthetic and is popular for everything from tennis bracelets to stacked rings. The CEO and her husband have created covetable pieces that appear more expensive than they are. Their idea was to break the myth that only men could gift women jewelry; instead, they wanted everyone to celebrate themselves. The intention? To make fine fashion jewelry accessible to and wearable for both men “and” women every day. The Canadian brand’s foray into men’s jewelry has been a well-priced-essentials approach, with them selling everything from ribbed cuff bracelets to diamond bands for men.

    Most likely, you’ve spotted Mejuri’s pieces all over Instagram. Think dome rings, croissant hoops, and more; this cult brand has them all. What’s more, they have everything from under-50 USD staples that you can wear daily to playful pieces that are perfect for vacations and special occasions. What more is on offer? Limited-edition capsules, fine jewelry, and customizable pieces.

    Mejuri by Mejuri
    Mejuri by Mejuri


    London-based Alighieri is the best brand for men’s fashion jewelry and draws inspiration from a very unlikely source, Dante’s Inferno from “Divine Comedy.” Each piece corresponds to one of the 100 poems written by the Italian poet. Designer Rosh Mahtani has brought these poems to life in each of her pieces. She studied Italian and French at Oxford University, and that’s where she got the inspiration for her work. The perfect pearl-and-gold necklaces that the brand is famous for are now a great addition for men too.

    What’s more, women are really, really into Alighieri jewelry, which has received rave reviews since its inception in 2014. Rosh Mahtani won the acclaimed “Queen Elizabeth II Award” in 2020! Since the inspiration is Divine Comedy, the jewelry is an understated range of sacred rings, pearl earrings, and medallion necklaces in signature 24-carat gold.

    Alighieri by Alighieri
    Alighieri by Alighieri


    BaubleBar is the ultimate best brand for women’s fashion jewelry regarding affordability. If you see someone with bold statement earrings, whether they’re a bottle of rosé or Disney-themed, chances are they’ll tell you BaubleBar. The brand has everything from the latest jewelry trends to shimming statement pieces for special occasions and ensembles. So, there are choices for two-toned silver and gold earrings and even enamel ones to fine gold jewelry that you’ll get for less than 1,000 USD. Think stackable rings and trendy layered chains.

    It’s very easy to scroll through the website and discover standout and quirky costume options that ring in under 100 USD or even 50 USD. This is especially true when there’s a sale, which comes around fairly often. They even have a fabulous tarot-inspired collection of pendants and layered necklaces, which you can see below.

    Baublebar by Baublebar
    Baublebar by Baublebar

    Maria Tash

    Maria Tash is one of the options for the best brand for men’s fashion jewelry. The brand is famed for being the pioneer for the term ‘fine body art.’ It’s the brainchild of piercing mogul Maria Tash, making jewelry into an androgynous adornment. This is thanks to the designer’s elegant and simple designs and her New York-based luxury piercing studio. Today, these designs have a permanent home at the Liberty store in London, with another base in Rome. All in all, they’re a must for a curated ear, hand, neck, or finger – both maximal and minimal.

    What’s more, they’ve fast grown in popularity with both celebs and fashion folk alike. For instance, Carey Mulligan wore Maria Tash earrings to the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan. Even “Caribbean Queen” Rihanna chose Maria Tash earrings for the Met Gala. We needn’t say any more, do we?

    Maria Tash by Maria Tash
    Maria Tash by Maria Tash


    Missoma is the topmost best brand for women’s fashion jewelry. This London-based brand boasts go-to modern jewelry that exudes timeless appeal. Throw in fine jewelry in the mix, and you have a universal brand with universal offerings. All of Missoma’s jewelry is meant to be layered, so, whether it’s the hoops, drops, studs, bracelets, or necklaces, pile ’em on. The brand has pieces for everyone, from dainty pieces and statement keepsakes to timeless, vintage ones. And since everything ranges across metal types and in lengths, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

    Furthermore, Missoma offers excellent gift sets, whether one is into gold chains, gemstones, or even initials jewelry. And one thing that shouldn’t be missed is pieces from Missoma’s collaboration with influencer Lucy Williams and its recycled metals collection.

    Missoma by Missoma
    Missoma by Missoma

    What kind of jewelry is trending 2022?

    Chains and charms are definitely here to stay, and they’re all-around classics. However, some like glitzy earrings and neon enamel jewelry are refreshing new trends for the year ahead.

    Are charm bracelets still popular?

    Absolutely! Charm bracelets have always been part of the style when it comes to designer and high-fashion styles. What’s more, charm anklets, rings, necklaces, etc., are popular too.

    What is the most popular earring?

    Stud earrings are all-time classics due to their minimalistic construction and versatility. They’re evergreen and can take many shapes as well, which is what makes them so popular.

    What’s fake jewelry made of?

    Fashion jewelry, a.k.a. “costume jewelry,” is often made from base metals such as aluminum, copper, or brass. Fashion jewelry can also be made with leather, textiles, or base metals plated with precious metals.

    Why do my rings turn my fingers black?

    If you’re wearing your rings while in a spa or pool treated with chlorine or while using harsh detergents, then your rings will experience corrosion. When the ring’s metal alloy reacts with these chemicals, it causes the metals to corrode and turn black, thus transferring it to the skin beneath.