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5 Best Brands for Blanket

    5 Best Brands for Blanket

    There are few things better in life than climbing under a comfortable blanket after a long, tiring day. However, choosing the right blanket can be surprisingly difficult! Besides comfort, shoppers should consider whether or not the blanket is easy to clean, whether it can be used year-round or only in one season, and what fabric and design options are available. As with other bedding products, there’s no single perfect blanket that’s right for everyone. Instead, your choice should be based on your personal preferences and needs. To help you choose the right blanket, we’ve put together a list of the best blanket brands! Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll know which best brand for blanket suits you best!


    The first best brand for blanket on this list is Casper. This brand is known for its mattresses, but its blankets are popular too! As the best brand of blanket, it knows that great sleep changes everything. The researchers, designers, and engineers at Casper Labs spend their waking hours studying sleep and creating products based on real customer needs and feedback. The results are reliable, comfy, and durable blankets that everyone loves to use.

    As of today, Casper has two blankets, which are Cozy Woven Blanket and Weighted Blanket. Both of them are surprisingly affordable, and they’re available in several colors too. The Casper Cozy Woven Blanket is constructed from pure cotton that’s brushed to create an exceptionally soft feel. The design is both lightweight and warm enough to insulate from the cold, making it a good option for sleepers who like sleeping with a blanket throughout the calendar year. Meanwhile, the Weighted Blanket is filled with glass microbeads and polyester batting. The high-quality fill is evenly distributed for consistent coverage and the addition of polyester batting results in a fluffy feel.

    L.L. Bean

    Another best brand for blanket that’s worth your attention is L.L. Bean. Founded in 1912, this brand has produced many high-quality blankets and made countless people happy. Its products, including the blankets, are recognized around the world for their functional, innovative design and high quality. Plus, if you compare its blankets to the ones from other brands, they’re relatively more affordable! This is, of course, made possible without sacrificing comfort.

    There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Some blankets are made from twill, while others are made from sateen. Looking for cotton blankets? This brand has them too! Each blanket is available in several colors and sizes. On top of that, L.L. Bean provides free shipping for purchases of 50USD and over. In addition to that, the blankets come with a generous one-year return policy, with proof of purchase.

    Cozy Earth

    Being the best requires a habit of continuous quality-seeking while providing practical utility and extra value along the way, and that’s what Cozy Earth is all about. As the best brand for blanket, Cozy Earth also produces other bedding products like pillows, duvet covers, bedsheets, and even loungewear like pajamas and joggers. What people love about its blankets is their breathability, so you can sleep several degrees cooler. Plus, they’re free of toxins, harsh chemicals, and dyes!

    Some of its blankets are even made from bamboo. These blankets are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, making them an excellent choice for hot sleepers, people living in hot climates, and those who tend to sweat at night. Apart from that, Cozy Earth blankets are also soft! And as the best brand of blanket, its products are available in a variety of sizes. Best of all, they’re fully machine washable and dryable for easy care.


    You can’t talk about blankets without mentioning Bearaby. Launched in late 2018, this weighted blanket brand is relatively new. However, it doesn’t fail in producing breathable, weighted blankets made of sustainable materials. In just several years, this company now has several weighted blankets that people love, which include Bearaby Cotton Napper, Bearaby Nappling, Bearaby Tree Napper, and Bearaby Hugger. All of them are high-quality and durable so that you can use them for years! And despite their weight, they’re still breathable and perfect for hot sleepers!

    No matter which weighted blanket you choose, you’re sure to get a high-quality and durable blanket that offers warmth and comfort. Its blankets are an excellent option for shoppers concerned with style, breathability, quality, and durability. Best of all, this best brand for blanket has a 30-day return policy that gives you a refund of the purchase price if you decide you don’t want to keep your weighted blanket (which is highly unlikely)!

    “Our sustainable weighted blankets help you sleep better and feel calmer, naturally.”


    Boll & Branch

    Sitting on top of this list is Boll & Branch. This is the best brand for blanket that also produces a range of sheets, duvets, towels, and mattress products. It’s known for its focus on ethical production methods and using natural materials. Even better, it has a Fair Trade certification, meaning the company meets the strict standards for fair labor practices and environmental sustainability. The customer reviews are also generally great, as they often mention the company’s commitment to fair trade practices and responsible manufacturing.

    “We are deeply committed to using sustainable raw materials throughout our business. This isn’t a “mostly” or “wherever we can” disclaimer that marketers put on their products to make people feel good. We’re not into asterisks*. We commit to our choices, 100%.”

    Boll & Branch

    All of Boll & Branch blankets are made from 100% organic cotton. They’re breathable, soft, and extremely comfortable. Though some might say they’re expensive, we think they’re worth the money. The cotton is cozy and insulating without making this brand’s blanket feel too heavy. Plus, they’re available in plenty of sizes and color options, so there’s something for everyone. Best of all, this best brand of blanket offers free ground shipping for all domestic US orders. In addition to that, the blankets come with a 30-day trial period that includes free shipping for all returns.

    What is the best blanket brand?

    There are no definite answers as to which is the best brand for blanket. However, if it’s up to us, the five brands that we just showed you are among the best right now. Getting one from one of these brands will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

    What’s the warmest type of blanket?

    Thicker blankets, such as wool blankets, cotton fleece blankets, and cashmere blankets, are the warmest. The spaces between the fibers in a fuzzy or napped blanket trap warm air, keeping you warmer.

    What are thick blankets called?

    They’re usually called comforters. A comforter, especially from the best brand for blanket, is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler which is quilted or stitched to secure the filling and keep it evenly distributed. Unlike a duvet, the comforter only forms one piece of all of your bed linens.

    Is acrylic blanket good?

    Often used as another alternative to wool or cashmere, acrylic is warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. Acrylic can imitate the feeling of natural fibers, but it is much easier to care for. Acrylic blankets are machine washable for easy cleaning at home, and their colors won’t fade after consistent washing.

    Are Sherpa Blankets good?

    Sherpa blankets are a great, cost-effective alternative to heavy woolen blankets. They’re soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. Investing in a Sherpa blanket will give you worry-free winter warmth for years to come.