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5 Best Brands for Car Speakers

    5 Best Brands for Car Speakers

    For many drivers, the sound system of a vehicle is a major factor in the overall enjoyment of the driving experience, and we’re pretty sure you feel the same way! Unlike those low-quality or rather shabby speakers, good car speakers can add life to your drive. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose the best brand of car speakers for your vehicle. However, choosing the best brands for car speakers isn’t often a simple task. There are many car speaker best brands available on the market, and the last thing you want is to invest in a brand that you can’t rely on. That’s why we’re here to discuss the top brands to help you in your quest to find the optimal option for your car! Here are our top picks!


    The first best brand of car speakers that we want to show you is Kicker. It was born in the hands of 2 music lovers working inside a one-car garage in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Since it was first introduced, it has become one of the best brands for car speakers. The passion of Kicker’s team members has been a huge driving force behind the company’s growth and its superb products, aimed at solving common car audio problems for discerning audiophiles. Moreover, the cutting-edge innovations of Kicker speakers allow this company to remain in high demand worldwide.

    “Since 1973 Kicker has provided excellent sound quality. We provide a variety of speakers and tweeters to choose from including our QS, KS, CS, and DS Series that deliver remarkable performance. Whether you are looking for deep bass or clear and rich vocals, Kicker has you covered.”

    By Kicker

    Installing Kicker speakers in your car could certainly be a turning point in the sound system. Its high-end car speakers offer awesome sound quality and you’ll get to commute with pristine audio. What’s more, they also have easy installation features. They’re so powerful that they can handle high volumes and provide precise mid and high frequencies. Many music lovers and partygoers alike choose Kicker car speakers to enjoy music on the road, so considering them is certainly advisable.

    JL Audio

    The next best brand of car speakers that we have here is none other than JL Audio. This American manufacturer of consumer audio products was founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni. This reputable company is known as one of the best brands for car speakers as it has many years of experience. After all, everyone knows it takes time and experience to hone a speaker to be as good as it possibly can be.

    “Each of our car speaker lines is engineered to meet the demands of the toughest acoustic and environmental conditions in the high-fidelity world. Utilizing our extensive testing and development resources, we optimize every model for low distortion, dynamics and smooth, in-car response (on and off-axis).”

    JL Audio

    Today, after a long history of innovation, the company offers top-notch audio equipment for cars that everyone can enjoy. While its car speakers aren’t exactly cheap, they’ll always spoil your ears! Plus, the vast majority of customers agree that JL Audio car speakers are worth the investment. Moreover, their parts often fit in factory speaker locations, making upgrades easy.


    You can’t talk about car speaker best brands without mentioning Kenwood. It’s a Japanese corporation that was first founded in 1946. Their headquarters are in Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan. Since October 2011, it’s existed as the brand name of JVC Kenwood Corporation. Nowadays, it’s a nice example of what Japanese precision can provide to the audio world when mixed with passion and the right leadership.

    As one of the best brands for car speakers, its products are top-tier. Installing Kenwood speakers in your car means adding decades of excellence to the sound you’ll hear. Most of its car speakers offer exceptional power handling, while the physical design of the cones gives a remarkable sound. Generally, Kenwood speakers have good bass and a great outlook. On top of that, some of its newer speakers are easy to install. Best of all, Kenwood car speakers are available within any price range. Even the high-end options from this best brand for car speakers aren’t that expensive.


    Founded in Japan in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto, Pioneer started as a radio and speaker repair shop. After a plethora of innovations, Pioneer became the synonym for state-of-the-art DJ equipment and Hi-Fi audio. Moreover, Pioneer’s disembark in the car audio market revolutionized the way brands approach the niche. Seen as one of the best brands for car speakers, it raised the benchmark, and most brands echoed it.

    This best brand for car speakers is capable of developing the stereo, the power amp, the speakers, and it possesses enough insight as well as knowledge to create the ultimate car-audio combo so you can take your music to the next level while on the road. Pioneer’s car speakers have a very high-quality sound and build. The highs are clean and crisp but not harsh like some brands. The mids are also super clean with a good amount of bass.

    “Don’t let your factory installed speakers get in the way of your perfect drive. If warm sound, nice high notes, full and rich bass are what you’re after, you’re in the right place!”



    Who on Earth doesn’t know about JBL? It’s an American company that has manufactured countless audio equipment. This best brand for car speakers was founded by James Bullough Lansing (hence the name JBL) back in 1946. Over the years, JBL has been known to be one of the best brands for car speakers as its products have outstanding sound quality and performance. Choosing JBL as the sound system for your car isn’t just choosing the best brand of car speakers, but it’s about installing decades of sound wisdom from an industry giant to go with you everywhere you drive.

    “Using Plus One® woofer-cone technology and rugged construction materials plus UniPivot™ tweeter positioning and the I-Mount™ system for the tweeters, JBL automotive speakers are the ideal upgrade for any car’s audio system.”


    JBL car speakers can produce an excellent balance, pitch, and provide a thumping bass. Consequently, the quality is consistent with any music style, which is amazing. Even better, JBL has a speaker to suit nearly all types of cars and budgets, making it a super-inclusive brand. Even if you’re a bit tight on budget, you don’t have to sacrifice the audio quality. No wonder this brand is loved and deemed as among the best brands for car speakers!

    Do car speakers make a difference?

    The best brands for car speakers can make a mountain of difference in your car audio system’s sound quality. The speakers made by car speaker best brands will produce a clearer, more detailed, more dynamic sound. You’ll also hear a deeper and tighter bass at all frequencies.

    Is it ok to mix brands of car speakers?

    While it might sound fun, we never recommend mixing the best brands for car speakers as it can distort the sounds inside your car. Try to get matched sets instead, as you’ll get high-quality sound.

    Are bigger car speakers better?

    Small speakers are a better choice for high frequencies and fast changes in frequencies and volumes. On the other hand, larger speakers are more efficient at producing low frequencies. However, note that a poorly made speaker will produce poor sound regardless of its size.

    What is car speaker sensitivity?

    A sensitivity rating tells you how effectively your car speaker converts power (watts) into volume (decibels). The higher the rating, the louder your speakers will play with a given amount of amplifier power.

    How many speakers should I put in my car?

    As a general rule, you should place 2 or 3 speakers on the front panel. If you’ve got a dynamic one, you should put them in cards in the front doors.