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5 Best Brands for Dress Shoes for Men

    5 Best Brands for Dress Shoes for Men

    There’s perhaps nothing more attractive for men than a brand new pair of dress shoes! In fact, dress shoes are one of the few items of clothing that everybody looks good in, regardless of who you are! However, have you ever thought of what are the best brands for dress shoes? If you have, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re going to show you some of the best brands for men’s dress shoes that you can get on the market. Some of these men’s dress shoes best brands are new, and some of them have been producing top-notch dress shoes for years. But regardless of that, all of them are loved by men all around the world! So, keep on reading to know which best brand of men’s dress shoes you should get!


    The first name from our list of the best brands for dress shoes is Amberjack. Amberjack is reinventing the way everyone thinks about dress shoes. By utilizing new comfort technology combined with a unique hybrid style, this brand is known for its collection of men’s footwear. Established in 2020, this brand was born in Brooklyn, New York. With the brand’s manufacturing team back in Portugal, it develops its own blend of materials to ensure wearability, style, and comfort throughout its shoe collection. 

    Furthermore, this best brand of men’s dress shoes also ensures eco-friendly practices within its business operations. Amberjack sources its leather from an ISO-certified sustainable tannery. Because of that, it’s also considered the world’s first dress shoe company to be 100% carbon neutral, which is a huge deal. Best of all, it offers free shipping and free returns! With everything it brings to the table, we’re not surprised that it’s deemed as one of the best brands for dress shoes!

    Allen Edmonds

    The next best brand of dress shoes for men on this list is Allen Edmonds! It’s a rare American gem that has preserved much of its domestic shoe production. Founded back in 1922, it became particularly well-known after supplying the military with boots and shoes during the Second World War. Now, it’s one of the most well-respected shoe companies in the United States, widely known for its high-quality, upper leather.

    Once broken in, Allen Edmonds dress shoes are really comfortable. The shoes feel good to walk in; the quality of the materials is apparent when looking at them and while walking in them. Not to mention, they can easily last for years if you properly care for them. Even better, you can send the shoes back to the factory for around 100USD to 150USD in Port Washington to have them re-crafted extending their life even further! No wonder it’s called one of the best brands for dress shoes!

    “Built with best-grade leathers, comfortable footbeds, and our iconic bench welt that allows for recrafting, our collection of refined styles has set the standard for impeccable dressing for decades.”

    – Allen Edmonds

    Beckett Simonon

    Beckett Simonon is the best brand of dress shoes for men that was founded in 2012 in Columbia by Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado. This brand offers ethically handmade high-quality men’s shoes for less than 200USD! Yes, the thought of luxury quality shoes for under 200USD may scare some people, but Beckett Simonon has developed it into an art form. Thanks to a Group Made-To-Order approach, this brand can commission batches of first-rate shoes at a fraction of the price compared to other best brands for men’s dress shoes.

    “Our handcrafted shoes are designed to please and built to last. From casual to formal, you’ll always feel great wearing them.”

    Beckett Simonon

    Made from full-grain Argentinian calfskin leather, Beckett Simonon shoes often feature a Blake stitch construction. Although not a Goodyear construction, the manufacturing process offers a sturdy and well-built shoe that can be resoled. For some people, waiting for their order feels pretty long. However, making shoes takes time, and is all the better for it. Beckett Simonon’s shoemakers are passionate about shoemaking, and to give you the best, they don’t want to rush the production and sacrifice the quality. Overall, we love this brand! As one of the best brands for dress shoes, it has an innovative approach that allows itself to offer both the high quality and low price tag sought by discerning men.

    Ace Marks

    Ace Marks is another up-and-coming brand that should be on your radar. As one of the men’s dress shoes best brands, it differentiates itself from its competitors by having embraced traditional Italian craftsmanship without making you spend thousands of dollars. Its shoes are made with a closed-stitch Blake flex construction from full-grain Italian or French calfskin leather. Even better, many love Ace Marks’ shoes as they’re extremely comfortable to wear. No matter where you go, these shoes will make you stand out!

    As this brand hasn’t opted for a group made-to-order model its shoes are slightly more expensive than some of the best brands for dress shoes on the market. However, what you’ll receive is a pair of shoes that’ll last forever! And thanks to its partnership with a fourth-generation family-operated factory, its shoes also receive dazzling finishes with hand-burnishing and dying. Since they’re manufactured using standard American Brannock sizing, you’ll have a beautiful pair of shoes that fits perfectly.

    Wolf & Shepherd

    Something of a young upstart in the dress shoe industry, Wold & Shepherd seeks to change dress shoes as we know them. This best brand of men’s dress shoes was founded by Decathlete Justin Schneider in 2014 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With the mission to update traditionally uncomfortable dress shoes, he began experimenting with athletic footwear technology. As one of the best brands for dress shoes, it’s since moved to California and continues to drop the jaws of menswear enthusiasts. When you buy Wolf & Shepherd’s dress shoes, you get a pair unlike anything else you’ve ever felt.

    “By combining technologies used in the fastest running shoes in the world with Italian leather uppers, we’ve crafted a super comfortable dress shoe unlike any other on the market.”

    Wolf & Shepherd

    Foregoing traditional shoe construction, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are inspired by running shoes. They feature patented comfort technology such as abrasion-resistant linings, sheepskin-lined memory foam footbeds, high-density as well as high-TPU soles, and thermal rubber outsoles. Moreover, their uppers are full-grain Italian leather that has been hand-finished and further treated to improve softness and durability! Despite the hype, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are indeed extremely comfortable. Even if you wear them for hours, your feet won’t suffer at all!

    By the way, if you’re a sneakerhead, you should take a look at our best brands of sneakers! From Vans to New Balance, you can’t go wrong with those brands!

    How many dress shoes does a man need?

    Whether you’re just starting to build a collection of dress shoes or already have a closet full, it’s imperative to have certain styles. Usually, every man should own five pairs from the best brands for dress shoes.

    How do I know if my dress shoes are too big?

    You can use the finger test! While wearing the shoes, try sliding your index finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of the shoe. You should have some difficulty – if your finger slides in easily, the shoes are too big and there will be too much slippage.

    How much room should be in the toe of a dress shoe?

    With your heel pushed against the back of the shoe, your toes should not touch the front of the shoe, and there should be about a half-inch of extra space. The difference between a full shoe size is usually ⅓ inch, so if the fit is close, it’s easy to go up or down a half size to get a better fit.

    What makes a dress shoe?

    By its American definition, a dress shoe is anything that’s not a sneaker, boot, or any style of footwear that exposes your feet – which means a brogue, a Derby, an Oxford, or a monk-strap shoe. This type of shoe is usually worn at smart casual or more formal events.

    Why are dress shoes so pointy?

    A more narrow shape and a pointy toe box give the illusion of length and provide balance and proportion. So, a pointy toe helps to lengthen your shoe, making them look thinner. Thin and long means you look better proportioned in the fashion world.