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5 Best Brands for Laptop Backpacks

    5 Best Brands for Laptop Backpacks

    Since many people are working in the office again, gone are the days when you can work from home and have your laptop on your table every single day. This also means right now, more than ever, you’ll need a reliable laptop backpack. A good laptop backpack will make carrying your items, including your laptop, a total breeze during your commute. Laptop backpacks should be spacious enough to store all your essentials, durable, and not too heavy. That said, there’s a myriad of laptop backpacks to choose from! To help narrow down the options for you, we’ve selected some of the best brands for laptop backpacks! Here are our recommendations!


    Since Dell produces fantastic laptops, it’s not surprising that this brand is also called one of the best brands for laptop backpacks. What we love the most about Dell laptop backpacks are their price tags! You can easily get a high-quality laptop backpack for under 30USD! Even other laptop backpack best brands aren’t that cheap! On top of that, they’re available in countless models and designs.

    One of the brand’s best laptop backpacks is the Premier Backpack. It comes with a synthetic fabric exterior, lined with fleece. While it isn’t officially waterproof, it keeps out water sufficient enough to protect its guts on a rainy day. Plus, many of Dell’s backpacks have a good capacity to hold your laptop and everything you’ll need for the day. Most of them also have tons of exterior pockets, so you can easily reach your phone or water bottle!


    Up next on our list of the best brands for laptop backpacks is ebags. Back in 1998, five passionate guys decided to start a company using their combined experience and love of luggage and travel. From a tiny startup that sold just seven different brands of luggage, ebags quickly grew into a huge international retailer. It offers a wide range of suitcases, travel bags, as well as laptop backpacks at affordable prices. As one of the largest online luggage retailers, any global adventurer would be hard-pressed to find as much choice anywhere else.

    ebags’ laptop backpack collection is huge, and most of them are available for under 100USD. Most of them come with separate laptop compartments that easily fit 15″ laptops. They’re also packed with tons of pockets for your chargers, cables, and other electronics. Best of all, the laptop compartments are well-padded, so you won’t crack your laptop accidentally. If you’re looking for the best brands for laptop backpacks that offer affordable items without compromising on quality, this is the one.

    Tom Bihn

    While Tom Bihn’s laptop backpacks give off some dad vibes, there’s a reason why this company is seen as one of the best brands for laptop backpacks. Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. The products it produces include laptop bags, travel bags, backpacks, and more. Its bags are carefully constructed of fine quality materials and components in our own Seattle factory. They’d be less expensive if the company had them produced in China or Vietnam, but then it would lose control over the quality of the finished product and the quality of the jobs it creates.

    “There’s likely easier ways of making a living than what we’ve chosen to do here at Tom Bihn. Making stuff and delivering it is hard work. Getting all the right materials, processes and people together is complicated. But it’s also totally rewarding when we see ideas become realities and hear that our bags are appreciated and are serving folks well in use. It’s great fun, and we consider ourselves fortunate beyond measure.”

    Tom Bihn

    One of the brand’s most popular laptop backpacks is the Synik 30. When it comes to laptop storage, you can choose how you want to get to your tech. You can grab your laptop by unzipping the main compartment like you would a regular backpack or unzip the dedicated side zipper to get quick access from the outside. It’s especially useful if you fly frequently since you can easily access your laptop in a multitude of ways for TSA checks. Even better, all of Tom Bihn’s bags feature plenty of internal organization!


    Another name that’s considered one of the best brands for laptop backpacks is Herschel. Thanks to its simple but timeless design, many people use Herschel backpacks for their daily commute. Herschel has been focusing on producing functional bags since 2009. Like we said earlier, its designs are grounded in timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us with thoughtful details to enhance customer utility. Herschel’s backpacks are vintage-inspired but have a modern twist.

    With Herschel backpacks, you won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary pockets or a crazy array of straps that can end up dangling loose or snagging on things. Instead, you’ll find clever considerations such as a bright interior lining that makes it easier to see what’s inside. Of course, like other laptop backpack best brands, you’ll find a dedicated laptop sleeve too. Even better, Herschel’s stylish backpacks are reasonably priced. This, of course, will vary depending on the size you’re after. However, all of them are capable of carrying your laptop safely and securely!

    Fjallraven Kanken

    You can’t talk about the best brands for laptop backpacks without mentioning Fjallraven Kanken. As one of the best brands for laptop backpacks, its amazing bags have come a long way since they’re launched back in 1978. When Kanken backpacks were first introduced, they were designed as school backpacks to help Swedish school kids with their posture. And since “Kanken” means “to carry” in Swedish, it doesn’t surprise us that this best brand’s practical design has stuck around.

    “Our sturdy laptop backpacks and laptop cases are built to protect your equipment and electronics both on the way to work and on the trail. “

    Fjallraven Kanken

    Kanken laptop backpacks are among the most lightweight and versatile backpacks on the market right now, making them a great choice for work or even travel. Furthermore, their big, U-shaped zip will give access to the entire main compartment. This allows you to get at anything inside your Kanken without rummaging through and making a mess. Most of their backpacks are also spacious enough to carry your essentials like a sweater, a drink bottle, your books, and your lunch. Like other laptop backpack best brands, the backpacks usually vary in size, allowing you to carry a 13″ up to a 17″ laptop.

    Is laptop safe in backpack?

    It depends on the quality of your backpack and how you use the backpack. Although your laptop is protected in the dedicated laptop compartment, damage to your backpack could still cause trouble. Straps can break or come undone, and the bottom of your backpack could rip if you put too much weight on it.

    What should I look for in a laptop backpack?

    When choosing a laptop backpack, make sure it has a padded laptop sleeve as well as padded shoulder straps. Like hiking backpacks, you’ll want your backpack to be durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean as well. It should also conform to airline regulations so you can use it as a carry-on.

    Will a Macbook break in a backpack?

    As long as you’re holding it vertically, you should have no problem with it. A more likely problem is if you have some sort of point pressure applied to it, like in the middle of the laptop on the top, as this could bend and break the display.

    What is laptop sleeve in backpack?

    A laptop sleeve is typically a sleeve/bag/pouch manufactured from a material such as neoprene or leather that’s slightly larger than the laptop. It’s designed to protect the device from bumps, scratches, water, and dust in everyday use.

    How do I keep my iPad safe in a backpack?

    Get a sleeve to protect it while it’s being transported in the backpack. Some backpacks from the best brands for laptop backpacks even have a dedicated sleeve for tablets!