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5 Best Brands for Women’s Sunglasses

    5 Best Brands for Women's Sunglasses

    Protect your eyes in style with any product from these best brands for women’s sunglasses. Whether it’s for a day out walking around town, relaxing at the beach, or on your favorite outdoor activity, a good pair is what you need. Not only do these brands offer excellent style, but first and foremost, they also care about your comfort and safety. UV protection lenses and hypoallergenic frames are among the top features they offer.

    Let us be honest; it IS tough to decide which one is THE best brand for women’s sunglasses. So, we come up with the best five and let you decide which one is closest to your heart. Without further ado, let’s reveal the top 5 brands!


    From its iconic aviator style to wayfarer design, Ray-Ban has always been one of the best brands for women’s sunglasses. With more than eight decades of experience in the industry, the brand has become an icon, a legend, and a heritage powerhouse. Back where it started, Ray-Ban provided aviator goggles for the military. Now, it’s a brand of stylish accessories. From President John F. Kennedy to Michael Jackson, hundreds of top figures have helped define Ray-Ban sunglasses as ‘the cool thing.’

    All of our sunglasses models are available in a wide range of color combinations with a choice of lenses so you can express your unique personality and find a look that’s authentically you.


    Ray-Ban’s official store offers hundreds of glasses to choose from.  They come in different shapes and materials, from acetate – the highest quality plastic – to nylon & propionate. Rest assured that even if you choose plastic material, Ray-Ban promises only to use renewable resources.


    Many celebrities and famous people alike would vouch for Gucci as the best brand for women’s sunglasses. And we cannot disagree! With Gucci, the sky is the limit. The Italian brand seems to have done it all. From clothing lines, shoes, bicycles, and now sunglasses! Their rhinestone-encrusted acetate pairs have captivated thousands of fashion enthusiasts at countless runway shows around the world. But if you prefer something more humble, we recommend going with Gucci’s classic-looking sets.

    Bold-framed glasses and sunglasses characterize the Gucci eyewear line for women, from classic aviators to cat-eyes and crystal Hollywood Forever styles.


    If you think Gucci sunglasses are all expensive, think again! Some of them are actually affordable and solid offerings from one of the best brands for women’s sunglasses. We personally love those with solid acetate frames and gradient lenses. Simply classy! Moreover, most of their products come with a 2-year international warranty.

    Maui Jim

    Why not get your sunglasses straight from the beach paradise you’re heading to? Maui Jim is a Hawaii-based brand. And it has every right to be one of the best brands for women’s sunglasses. Their sunglasses are well built, specifically designed to combat the intense sun rays of the archipelago. Apart from that, the Maui Jim also utilizes the latest lens technology to provide brilliant vision on sunny days. Best of all, they offer options for prescription or non-prescription lenses.

    From cat eye to fashion frames, our sunglasses selection for women will fit any lifestyle. Designed to provide optimal comfort and protection from harmful UV, our PolarizedPlus2® lens technology works to reduce vision strain and excessive wrinkling around the eyes. With 100% glare elimination and color-enhancing lenses, the view’s better from here.

    Maui Jim

    And if you happen to have light-sensitive eyes, many Maui Jim sunglasses can save your day. The frames are simple yet stylish, with so many options for us ladies. Whether you prefer a more casual style or a colorful and vibrant one, Maui Jim has you covered!


    Another one that could be your next best brand for women’s sunglasses is – surprise, surprise – Prada. When you think of class and luxury, you think of Prada. The Italian brand is the brainchild of brothers Mario and Martino Prada. Although better known for its high-fashion clothes and shoes, Prada sunglasses are nothing short of impressive. They’re intricate, stylish, and beautiful. Thanks to Prada’s wide-ranging catalog, you’re guaranteed to find whatever style you prefer.

    Some may not prefer Prada sunglasses as they feel a little heavy, even those made of plastic frames. But that’s because each pair comes with an impressive build quality. And don’t ask how they blend with your outfits. They do! The gradient lenses not only add a stylistic touch to your overall look but also protect you from UV light.


    Though commonly used among men, Oakley is actually one of the best brands for women’s sunglasses. Some of its products are designed for females, while others are mostly unisex. Since its inception in 1984, the brand has been widely recognized for its superior sunglasses. Their products boast a sporty design with polarized lenses, making them perfect for athletes, those with active lifestyles, or anyone hoping to see better during sunny days.

    “Oakley lenses are designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances to ensure uncompromising protection across a wide range of demanding conditions.”


    Oakley sunglasses are solidly built but feel light on our faces. Heck, sometimes we even forget we’re wearing them! And though the lenses are not as dark as you’d expected, the polarization works flawlessly. They reduce glare effectively, so you’ll get better depth perception and vision during brighter days.

    Which brand of sunglasses is best?

    We simply cannot pick one! As long as you choose among these five best brands for women’s sunglasses, you should get the best quality pair. However, you should note that each brand has its own segment. For example, Gucci’s customers may not like Oakley’s products and vice-versa. So, the answer to which sunglasses brand is best for you depends on your preferences and needs.

    How do I know what brand my sunglasses are?

    Most of the best brands for women’s sunglasses have their brands printed on the glasses, whether on one of the lenses or on the frame. Suppose they don’t. In that case, you should be able to find a production code – usually a series of numbers – and you can look that up online.

    Are cheap sunglasses bad for you?

    Not necessarily, but they’re definitely not better than those of these best brands for women’s sunglasses. A cheap pair of sunglasses may not have the proper UV protection. And the frames may not be well built either. So, they are not bad, but not better. And we all can agree your eyes deserve the better products, don’t you think?

    How do I choose sunglasses?

    Many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses. Besides the apparent preferences – style and face shape – level of polarization and UV protection are essential. Usually, the darker the lenses, the higher the protections are. And that’s what you need to protect you from intense sunlight.

    Frequently Asked Question 5

    It looks like the classic styles are back! Oversized square frames, aviator style, and cat-eye design are back in business. These classic looks actually work with today’s fashion. And the good news is these five best brands for women’s sunglasses are on it, too! So, why not give them a try?