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5 Best Brands of Candles

    5 Best Brands of Candles

    Nothing personifies coziness better than a freshly-lit candle, especially one that fills your home with a soothing scent. Despite being a small cylinder of scented wax, candles can change the entire vibe of a room and bring immense joy to those who light them. For some people, it’s their instant way to calm down when they’re working or just generally make their space feel cozier. Aside from that, candles also make great gifts for anyone and are a small enough purchase to treat yourself without feeling guilty. Knowing that there’s an overwhelming number of candle options to explore, we’ve rounded up the best brands of candles so you’ll have an easier time picking your favorite. Without further ado, let’s find out your scented candles best brand!


    Say hello to Lafco, one of the best brands of candles that’s fancied by many. If you don’t believe us, go and ask your friends what their favorite brand is. We’re sure many of them will mention Falco. The candles from this scented candles best brand use premium, chemical-free ingredients like 100% cotton wicks and vegan soy wax. Lafco chooses to work primarily with soy wax because it is a renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and carbon-neutral resource.

    Candles that are made of soy tend to burn more cleanly and for a longer time than candles made entirely of paraffin. Even more, Lafco fragrances are phthalate-free. But what makes them a favorite are the gorgeous, hand-blown glass jars. They make the candles a hundred times more eye-catching and sure to steal the show whether they’re part of your holiday decor or just adding some spruce to your home office.

    “Combining evocative fragrances with artfully colored glass vessels, our soy candles transform your space with echoes of places you’ve been before and transport you to places you long to be.”


    Capri Blue

    You can’t talk about the best brands of candles without mentioning Capri Blue. Why? Well, whether you want a simple candle with a clean scent for under 10USD or a fancy and colorful jar to keep out or gift, Capri Blue has options for you. There are 48-ounce jumbo jars that can burn up to 100 hours (we’re not kidding), decorative mini tins, 19-ounce signature tins in colors from soothing blue to bubblegum pink, chic glass jars, and more.

    Scents equally run the gambit, from tropical and fruity Aloha Orchid Blue to Dark Vanilla and Sandalwood. No matter which candle you get, you can rest assured that it’s vegan, non-toxic, clean, and cruelty-free. Plus, they’re all over Anthropologie, which is a super-hip retailer in the US and Canada. So, if you wonder if this brand’s candles are worth the money, the answer is a big fat yes!

    Boy Smells

    Our next best brand of scented candles is Boy Smells. A buzzy new-ish brand that’s quickly amassed a loyal following, Boy Smells candles are known for great branding, inclusivity, and delicious aromas. What makes this brand one of the best brands of candles is that it can be used regardless of your gender. Yes, despite its name, its candles are made for both men and women.

    In case you didn’t know, this brand is launched by Matthew Herman and David Kien in 2016. All Boy Smells candles are developed inside the co-founders’ Los Angeles home, using natural products like coconut wax and beeswax. They’re then hand-poured and hand-labeled, with glassware the two intend to be reused once the candle burns down. Though it’s a newcomer on the candle block, the brand already manage to have a devoted following! Plus, they smell amazing! When it comes to the burn time, they can last for around 50 hours.


    For high-end candles with intoxicating scents worth gifting or putting on display, you can’t go wrong with Diptyque, one of the best brands of candles. This French fragrance company is practically synonymous with fancy candles. Though pricey, its options exude effortless elegance in both looks and scents. Classic favorites like the Baies scent make for superb gifts, and the colorful glass and ceramic candle jars will certainly win you compliments.

    As the best brand of scented candles, Diptyque is also loved by many as it never uses synthetic fragrances in its products. Each Diptyque candle is made with a lead-free wick for your complete peace of mind and burns an average of 50 to 60 hours, meaning the quality of these candles can be enjoyed for a long time.

    “Scented candles are iconic within Maison diptyque. Available in an unusual design, coloured, as a gift set or designed for outdoor use, they will delight your senses and send you on a journey without even leaving your home.”


    Bath & Body Works

    We think everyone can agree that Bath & Body Works is one of the best brands of candles. After all, it has been well-known for its scented candles for decades! If you’ve ever set foot in a Bath & Body Works, then you know fun aromas are the name of the game! From holiday scents to fruity fragrances, this best brand of scented candles will spoil your sense of smell.

    Haven’t checked out its candles for several years? You might be surprised at how much this scented candles best brand has upped its branding game. Striking glass jars with three-wick candles and elegant labels aren’t only worthy of sitting out on the coffee table. Considered one of the best brands of candles, this brand’s products will also last you months!

    “Bath & Body Works candles turn your house into a home. All it takes is the perfect fragrance (or two) (or five!) and you’re instantly in a scented wonderland.”

    Bath & Body Works

    Is it bad to have scented candles in your room?

    Don’t worry! Exposure to chemicals emitted by scented candles is so low that they pose no significant risk to human health. Even the highest users of scented candles and other fragranced products aren’t putting themselves at any appreciable risk of harm.

    Are you supposed to dump the wax out of candles?

    Once your candle’s lit, don’t blow it out until the top layer of wax has melted all the way across. If you melt the wax all the way across every time you burn, the surface of the candle will stay flat and the sides of the jar will stay clean, all the way down until the candle is spent.

    What wax has the longest burn time?

    Soy wax, which is made from hydrogenated soybean oil, and beeswax are the two longest-lasting waxes. They’re often considered the best wax for candles. While beeswax typically lasts longer, it is more difficult to work with because it has an extremely high melting point.

    How long does it take for a candle to smell?

    After an hour or two, a quality candle from the best brands of candles should be able to release a scent that’ll easily diffuse and richly fill your space.

    Should I put the lid on my candle after blowing it out?

    Candle jars usually come with a lid, which can be used when it’s time to extinguish the flame. Simply blow out the candle gently and then cover immediately with the lid. This is to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the wax and wick.