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5 Best Brands of Handbags

    5 Best Brands of Handbags

    Over the years, handbags have evolved to become one of the most popular and functional accessories a woman can have. Trends might change seasonally, but true classics will always withstand the test of time. That’s the exact case with the best brands of handbags, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Coach, among others. They have on offer the season’s trendiest bags and timeless pieces that reign supreme in the fashion accessory scene. What’s more, they’re some of the most sought-after brands in the world and have strengthened their positions as something every woman should have in her closet.

    Furthermore, these branded handbags make for the perfect gift for your spouse, your best friend, and even yourself! So, which are these brands that you should shop from? Here are the 5 best brands of handbags just for you.


    Coach is one of the best brands of handbags since times immemorial. Everyone knows a Coach bag when they see one, and the recognizable logo is just a part of that! The trusted brand is beloved from shoulder bags and wristlets to tote bags because of its leather construct, hand-sticked seams, and classic designs.

    “We believe better-made things create a better-made future.”


    Today, the 1941-founded leading luxury brand is one of America’s leading handbag companies. You’ll find leather and signature canvas-style handbags in a whole lot of designs; think clutches, tote, satchels, hobo, courier bags, crossbodies, carryall, and bucket styles. Furthermore, it has a design line with sustainable materials; organic cotton, upwoven lather, and other organically sourced materials. And if you become a Coach Insider, you even get to be part of the Coach (Re)Loved Exchange program!

    Coach might be on the pricier side – most of its bags cost anywhere between 150 and 700 USD – but they’re worth it. Pair them with one of the 5 Best Brands for Women’s Sunglasses and turn heads!

    Cole Haan

    Cole Haan is one of the best brands in handbags, with there being a Cole Haan for everyone! Whether you want your bag to be practical and functional or a statement piece of your ensemble, this brand and its range of bags are perfect for you. With its origins going as far back as 1928, the brand started as a men’s footwear brand. However, it’s carved a name for itself in the women’s handbags market, especially since the brand’s bags have practical features and clean lines for everyday use.

    What’s more, they’re available in various styles, such as the tote, bucket, clutch, shoulder, mini, crossbody, and satchel designs and styles. In the end, Cole Haan bags effortlessly blend serious style and expertise and cost anywhere between 150 and 350 USD, making them an excellent choice for everyday use.

    Louis Vuitton

    We can’t talk about the best brand in handbag options and not have Louis Vuitton on the list, can we? The brand is famously based in Paris, France, one of the world’s fashion capitals. So, what makes Louis Vuitton handbags so unique? For one, they boast elegant and timeless designs. The brand’s handbags are something of a staple for the style-conscious. Secondly, they boast impressive and unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and quality. Most of their handbags are leather and flaunt the now-famous and recognizable Louis V logo.

    If that wasn’t enough, the lineup of bags from the brand is endless, especially in colors and styles. From larger totes to satchels and even wristlets, a Louis Vuitton bag can go a long way in elevating your wardrobe and turn heads in your direction.


    What is the best brand of handbag that was so 30 years ago and is even now? We’d say Gucci! The Italian designer brand’s handbags are iconic, classic, and timeless. They have seen a constant revival of popular styles, from beloved styles such as the Jackie 1961 bag to its signature logo. What makes Gucci so distinctive is styles and motifs that are renewed in various pieces that transcend trends and seasons and can be carried again and again. Plus, their handbags are made from genuine leather and “precious materials,” as is evident in the gold-colored hardware that features their famous-infamous double-G logo.

    Gucci turns high street fashion into an everyday one with effortless charm, from metallic gold shoulder bags to black leather hobos. Above all, it’s always fun to say “It’s Gucci” when someone asks where you got your bag from!


    There’s no doubt that Chanel tops the list of the best brands of handbags of all time, and for a good reason. The French designer brand focuses on Haute Couture and boasts exquisite handmade artistry in its handbags. What’s more, the brand only uses the finest materials to ensure all of its bags are made to perfection. Even then, Chanel ensures that its bags vary greatly, especially in terms of materials that include everything from feathers and sequins to wool and even goatskin leather.

    The hunt for the perfect handbag starts and ends with Chanel, whose bags are the very definition of a classic. Much like an LBD, every woman’s wardrobe needs the versatility of an iconic bag from the equally iconic French label. 

    Which designer bag has the best quality?

    Chanel uses only the highest quality of materials for its handbags and is a favorite with Hollywood celebrities and others alike. Not only do they boast a high resale value, but they never go out of style.

    Why is coach outlet cheaper than Coach?

    Coach’s factory outlets have two different kinds of merchandise, Coach store overflow and lower-quality bags explicitly made for the outlet stores. About 10 percent of what you’ll find at Coach Factory Outlets are higher-quality ones.

    What is the best luxury bag brand?

    It’s, without a doubt, Louis Vuitton, as the brand makes handbags that can last a lifetime. Most of today’s most popular designs were crafted nearly 100 years ago.

    What is the least expensive designer brand?

    Coach bags are amongst the most popular lower-priced and affordable designer bags. Plus, Coach bags are available at factory outlets, retail stores, and even websites such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. But, Coach is still considered a high-end brand.

    What handbag brand is most popular?

    Having transcended seasons, eras, and decades, it’s no surprise that Chanel is the most popular handbag brand. Chanel bags are symbols of exclusivity and luxury, making them so popular despite their astronomical price.