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5 Best Brands of Sneakers

    5 Best Brands of Sneakers

    Sportswear has dominated the fashion pages for quite some time now. But if you like your clothes comfy, the good news is it’s still going strong next season and beyond. New sneakers from a variety of brands are dropping almost every week, so there’s no shortage of releases to keep your rotation fresh. But one thing becomes clear eventually. Some kicks are all hype, while others stay on your minds and feet for the long haul. The question is which sneakers are worth purchasing? To help you answer that question, we’ve rounded up the best brands of sneakers available on the market today! These brands are no strangers to making high-quality footwear, so getting a pair from the best brand for sneakers will certainly make your feet happy. Keep reading to know more about these brands!

    Common Projects

    In terms of sheer sales volume, Common Projects is nowhere near as big as other best brands for men’s sneakers or best brands for women’s sneakers out there. However, when this luxury New York sneaker brand first introduced its Achilles Low model back in 2004, the world went mad for it. The question is: why? It wasn’t innovative, hardly comfortable, and didn’t come in at bargain prices. It’s nothing more than a pair of plain, leather sneakers.

    The thing that had the sneakerheads fawning over this model was that every little detail was meticulously executed to the nth degree. Buttery Italian leather, exquisite streamlined shapeliness, and timeless wearability made each pair the perfect addition to anything from a suit to shorts. As one of the best brands of sneakers on the market, it arguably started today’s thriving luxury sneaker market.


    From riding empty pools in suburban LA to jumping around on stage at the Warped Tour, Vans has earned itself a deserved reputation as one of the best brands of sneakers. What makes this best brand for sneakers so popular is its simple styling, timeless appearance, modest pricing, and of course, its wide range of color options! The Old Skool, Classic, and Authentic are all instantly recognizable kicks that haven’t changed in decades, mainly because they don’t need to.

    What has changed, however, is how people wear them. Once exclusively worn by kids and skaters, Vans shoes are now equally comfortable on rock stars and hip-hop icons, with jeans or casual suiting. From the mid-1960s right up to now, Vans has always offered people a way to add a dash of color and charisma to their outfit without breaking the bank, which is awesome!

    New Balance

    New Balance’s extensive selection of dad shoes would be enough to land it on this list, but the Boston athletic brand is more than just its pioneering take on the silhouette. This best brand for sneakers’ original mission as an arch support company still informs the comfort that remains a defining characteristic of the shoes it sells today. As one of the best brands of sneakers, its shoes are known for their comfort, quality, support, cushioning, and stability. From its Fresh Foam Beacons to its 608s, the blend of dad style and modern hipster elite is loved by sneakerheads.

    As the pendulum of taste has swung back towards the chunkier, more substantial styles New Balance helped popularize, the company has shrewdly partnered with some of the best and brightest emerging labels around on pair after pair of covetable kicks. Rest assured, no matter which direction that pendulum swings next, New Balance will still be here making nothing but comfy shoes.

    Every race, every game and every step is a journey. No matter where your feet take you or how they get you there, New Balance is here to provide you with the comfortable, supportive and long-lasting ride that you demand.”

    New Balance


    The ongoing technological arms race between the world’s best brands of sneakers has produced some of the boldest innovations in footwear. Speaking of innovation, adidas is no stranger to that. For years, Adidas played second fiddle to Nike when it came to running the global sneaker market. However, this best brand for sneakers founded by Adolf Dassler in a small town in Germany has been making serious inroads in chipping away at Nike’s dominance.

    The three-stripes company enlisted a roster of household names to make its shoes cool again, and its efforts are starting to pay off. The brand’s backlog of classic styles is nearly as extensive as its main competitor’s, and each time one is resurfaced in some savvy stroke of marketing mastery, it tends to make a splash. Some of the most beloved collections include Superstar, Stan Smith, and Gazelle. Whether you’re after the best brands for men’s sneakers or the best brands for women’s sneakers, adidas should be your top consideration.

    “A great way to finish off your outfit with style and look the part, no matter the occasion, is to choose your shoes wisely, and adidas is here to help with our range of shoes for men and women.”



    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you know how legendary Nike is. Originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, the company was rebranded as Nike Inc. in 1971, and the swoosh was rolled out later that year. The rest, as they say, is history! Seen as one of the best brands of sneakers, Nike is the Jay-Z of athletic apparel. The company has such an extensive backlog of beloved hits it’s hard to choose only a few to highlight. And to compete with other best brands for sneakers, it makes sure to keep innovating and adapting to the times.

    We also love how Nike sneakers are available at a wide range of prices. Whether you’re on a limited budget or want to splurge, there’s always a perfect pair for you. Furthermore, Nike is routinely ranked as one of the best brands for sneakers. However, we think its true strength as a global name might be its street credibility. It has the ability to authentically connect with emerging subcultures, and not just athletes, across the globe. Simply put, Nike rarely misses. It’s still the most recognizable, the most wanted, and the one to beat.

    What makes a sneaker a sneaker?

    Sneakers are athletic or casual rubber-soled shoes. Some people also call them tennis shoes, kicks, or running shoes. They’re made for exercise and sports, but they’re also super popular everyday shoes as they’re incredibly comfortable.

    Can I run with sneakers?

    Yes, you can! Sneakers are made for sporty activities, so you can definitely wear them when you want to jog or run on a treadmill from the best treadmill brands.

    Can I wear sneakers for walking?

    The short answer to this question is yes! Sneakers are excellent dedicated walking shoes, but make sure the pair that you’re going to wear are supportive and comfortable enough.

    How much does the average sneaker cost?

    A pair of kicks from one of the best brands of sneakers will typically cost you around 70USD to 250USD or more, depending on the quality and materials used.

    Why are sneakers so popular?

    There are so many reasons why, but one of the main reasons is their versatility. Sneakers are so comfortable and can be worn for many activities. Plus, you can spot many celebrities wearing them!