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5 Best Brands of Weighted Blankets

    5 Best Brands for Blanket

    Sometimes you just need a hug or at the very least, a big, fluffy dog to curl up in your lap. Neither is available? That’s where the weighted blanket comes to the rescue. It’s a heavier-than-most blanket that’s meant to wrap your body in a soothing embrace. Sales of weighted blankets have soared in recent years. Those who swear by them say that hunkering down under the added weight helps to reduce anxiety and, in some cases, relieve insomnia. If the idea of this excites you, then perhaps you should check out the best brands of weighted blankets below! They’re trusted by thousands of people and the weighted blankets they make are among the best on the market.  


    Kicking off our list of the weighted blanket best brands is Yaasa. This brand is focused on creating products, including weighted blankets, that can enhance your living experience, whether at work or home. Since it was launched back in 2016, it has captured countless people’s hearts, and we’re sure soon you’ll be one of them too!

    “Whether you are daydreaming or fast asleep, we’ve got you covered – literally.”


    Whether you are trying to relax after a long day, or simply want to fall asleep faster, Yaasa’s weighted blanket will be your new best friend. The pressure of the weighted blanket can put your autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate or breathing. This can provide an overall sense of calm. Seen as one of the best brands of weighted blankets, Yaasa also produces weighted blankets for kids!  

    Helix Sleep

    Headquartered in New York City, Helix Sleep is another brand that you should keep an eye on. It’s a company best known for selling some of the best mattresses, but the brand also offers a line of bedding that includes the Helix Weighted Blanket. What’s amazing is compared to other weighted blankets for other competitors, Helix Sleep’s weighted blanket is relatively more affordable!

    The blanket is filled with high-quality glass beads encased in a cotton shell. It’s also available in three weight options, which are 10, 15, and 20lbs. These weights are best suited for people who weigh between 100 and 200lbs. Deemed as one of the best brands of weighted blankets, Helix Sleep’s blanket can be shipped for free to customers in all 50 states. Best of all, the blanket comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a one-year limited warranty.

    Silk & Snow

    There might be many weighted blanket best brands out there, but including Silk & Snow on this list is a must. Founded in 2017, this company is widely loved because of its high-quality memory foam mattresses. But what’s a mattress without a nice blanket? Thankfully, like other best brands of weighted blankets, its Knit Weighted Blanket is something that isn’t hard to love.

    This brand’s weighted blanket promotes better airflow, allowing you to hill out and cool off, literally! Plus, the natural cotton makes Silk & Snow’s weighted blanket more sustainable than conventional options made entirely from synthetic textiles. And unlike some weighted blanket best brands, Silk & Snow avoids the use of glass or plastic pellets, creating a quietly comfortable weighted blanket!

    “We wanted to reinvent the weighted blanket. That’s why our weighted blanket is handmade using natural cotton, making it more eco-friendly and perfectly breathable.”

    Silk & Snow

    Brooklyn Bedding

    Brooklyn Bedding is one of the best brands of weighted blankets that take the sleep experience personally. Yes, this company is known for manufacturing, designing, constructing, and selling mattresses on-demand from its state-of-the-art 300,000-square-foot factory in Phoenix, Arizona. But aside from its mattresses, its weighted blanket deserves a spotlight too!

    Named Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket, this brand’s weighted blanket features an affordable, dual-sided design filled with glass beads. It’s designed to provide the deep touch pressure support that can result in a calmer, more soothing night’s sleep. Its dual therapy features come from a flippable and removable duvet cover: one side blankets you in a traditional, ultra-cozy warmth and security; while the other side provides the tranquility of weight, coupled with an advanced cooling fabric. Plus, you can choose from 2 weight options, which are 15 and 20lbs.


    When talking about the best brands of weighted blankets, you can’t leave Bearaby out of the conversation. Launched in late 2018, this brand is brand new. However, it doesn’t fail in producing breathable, weighted blankets made of sustainable materials. In just several years, this company now has several weighted blankets that people love, which include Bearaby Cotton Napper, Bearaby Nappling, Bearaby Tree Napper, and Bearaby Hugger.

    “Soft, breathable, chunky knit that looks as good as it feels. The magic of a blissful cuddle, captured in layers of soft fabric and hand-knitted into cocoonable, couchworthy perfection.”


    No matter which weighted blanket you choose, you’re sure to get a high-quality and durable blanket that offers warmth and comfort. Its blankets are an excellent option for shoppers concerned with style, breathability, quality, and durability. Best of all, Bearaby has a 30-day return policy that gives you a refund of the purchase price if you decide you don’t want to keep your weighted blanket (which is highly unlikely)!

    What is the most popular weight for a weighted blanket?

    Recommended weights for a weighted blanket can vary between 5% and 12% of their body weight, with most people preferring a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 10% of their body weight. Regardless of its weight, a proper blanket from the best brands of weighted blankets should allow for comfort and movement.

    Is it OK to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

    The amount of time you use your weighted blanket is up to you. Some sleep consultants recommend using it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, while others sleep with it overnight. As you test it out, decide based on your preferences and what you find is most comfortable.

    Who should not use a weighted blanket?

    As a general rule, weighted blankets are safe for healthy adults, older children, and teenagers. Weighted blankets, however, should not be used for toddlers under age two, as they may pose a suffocation risk. Even older children with developmental disabilities or delays may be at risk of suffocation.

    Can you sleep on your side with a weighted blanket?

    For best results, we recommend sleeping on your back. This way, it covers your entire body with even pressure. You can sleep on your side, but this means less area covered by the blanket.

    Do weighted blankets help with snoring?

    Weighted blankets by the best brands of weighted blankets are being touted as the cure-all for everything sleep-related, including stopping mild snoring, perhaps by relaxing the respiratory muscles. Though it shouldn’t be used by heavy snorers and those with sleep apnea or asthma.