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5 Best Brands for Women’s Underwear

    5 Best Brands for Women's Underwear

    Long gone are the days when underwear was just a functional piece of clothing; today, its style and functionality combined in one attractive package. When it comes to buying underwear, there are many factors to take into account. Obviously, comfort and style are key, as you don’t want to walk around in a fire outfit with your panties, leaving lines, scratching, or riding up against the skin. And the fact that you’re wearing a cute pair of underwear can be a powerful feeling indeed. The best brand of women’s underwear today is not just affordable but tick all the boxes above. The best brands today range from classic tried-and-tested favorites to celebrity-helmed brands that are worth investing in. What’s more, there are also emerging underwear brands bringing about positive change in the lingerie scene.

    So, whether you prefer boy shorts, thongs, or even plain, regular-looking undies, there’s a perfect pair out there for you. We’ve gathered all the best underwear brands that offer cuteness, comfort, and support in one amazing package. Moreover, these brands have everything from playful lace numbers to seamless no-show silhouettes and even comfy full-coverage briefs that’ll have you covered – literally. To that end, here are the 5 best brands of women’s underwear.


    ThirdLove is one of the best brand of women’s underwear options. While it’s widely known for its bra size range, the same rings true for its underwear. So, you’d be silly to sleep on its underwear. The brand is able to toe the line between functionality and beauty seamlessly, which is something not every underwear brand can do so. Its lacy briefs look especially gorgeous and are decidedly comfortable as well. They don’t dig into the skin or itch like many lace, so wearing them isn’t a chore. Even if you like buying your panties in pairs or sets, then the brand has you covered then too. Since ThirdLove groups its collections by style, you can buy packs of three, five, or six pairs, thus saving you a whole lot of money.

    So, no matter your style and wearing preference, ThirdLove’s cheeky undies wear like a dream. Not only are they available from sizes XS to 3XL, but also they are super comfortable and super sexy at the same time.

    ThirdLove by ThirdLove
    ThirdLove by ThirdLove


    If you hate heavy cotton underwear that digs into the skin or is constantly bunching, then you might want to try Skims. The Kim Kardashian brand is killing it with its undergarment collection and is one of the best brands for ladies underwear. Not only are the undies sleep-worthy and cozy, but also they’re ridiculously fuzzy and soft. Skims has cracked the code on lightweight, comfy, and incredibly stretchy knickers. In fact, the styles are so easy to wear that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all sometimes. Moreover, the seamless designs seem to disappear beneath whatever you’re wearing.

    If you haven’t been a fan of thongs until now but do want to try them, then you’ll enjoy wearing this brand’s ridiculously comfy styles. The best bit? Skims has an inclusive range of nude colors, so you’ll finally be able to get a flesh tone that you think matches your skin. 

    Skims by Skims
    Skims by Skims

    Tommy John

    Tommy John is one of the best brand of women’s underwear, even though it started with men’s underwear. But, its brand-new and feminine Air and Second Skin underwear collections prove that the brand’s designers know a thing or two, or more, about great underwear. Also, they have a keen eye for knowing what peeps are looking for in good underwear. So, what does that mean? It basically means no riding up, bunching, chafing, or scrunching. And boy, does the underwear deliver on the promise of “no adjustment needed.”

    Of the two, the Air collection is particularly fantastic for workouts or hotter weather because it’s made using improved deodorizing, moisture-wicking, and ventilated fabric. What’s more, the Air underwear comes in thongs, cheeky, and briefs and is made from 77 percent Nylon mesh and 23 percent Spandex.

    Tommy John by Tommy John
    Tommy John by Tommy John

    Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein is one of the best brands for ladies underwear. From furniture to watches, the CK label sells it all. But, logo-trimmed undies might be one of Calvin Klein’s most famous creations. And they’re not just for Instagram selfies; they’re very, very soft. Not only are they crazy comfortable, but they’re also invisible. Add to that the brand is very affordable, which means that you can stock up your underwear drawer with its amazing quality basics. One of its top-selling undies is the modern cotton thong panty, which comes in more than 30 colors! The repeating Calvin Klein logo waistband is an iconic feature of CK clothing.

    Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein


    Everlane sits atop the list of the best brand of women’s underwear. The brand’s underwear collection features everything from high-rise hipster styles to thongs and bikinis. What’s more, all of them are crafted from Supima cotton at ethical factories. It’s the cotton’s extra-long fibers that make it so breathable and feel super soft on your skin. Everlane’s recycled nylon and cotton underwear collection offer not just comfort but also full coverage. Hipster lovers will love that the collection is both comfortable and sexy, while thong lovers will be impressed with the brand’s take on the classic sexy style.

    If you haven’t tried these panties that Everlane calls as “soft as your favorite T-shirt,” then you’re certainly missing out. That Supima cotton make feels like a snuggly cloud on your tush.

    Everlane by Everlane
    Everlane by Everlane

    Should you wear tight or loose underwear?

    The short answer is somewhere in the middle of loose and tight. Basically, it should be properly fitting, which means it shouldn’t fall off or leave deep marks on the skin.

    Here are some of the best brands of underwear overall to get you started.

    What type of underwear should I wear female?

    Overall, choose natural fabrics, such as cotton. It’s the best choice for optimal breathability as it absorbs sweat and wicks moisture. Any material besides cotton traps moisture and heat. Plus, cotton helps prevent yeast infections as well.

    Are you supposed to wear underwear to bed?

    While sleeping in panties is more than okay, experts advise sleeping commando at night as it helps the vagina breathe.

    How do I choose the right underwear?

    You need to look for undies with a firm elastic, as you don’t want to be pulling at your underwear all day to keep it from falling or slipping. Besides firm elastic, also avoid underwear that’s too tight. That could mean lumps underneath your clothing and also unwanted marks everywhere.

    What is the most popular female underwear?

    Bikini underwear! Not only does it have a bit of butt coverage, but it’s also low rise, which means you can wear it everywhere.